Kristen Thorne: 2:48 Marathoner – I have used Enduro Vo2 for my past 5 marathon training cycles. Some of the benefits I have personally noticed are faster recovery, more stamina, my legs feel fresher after heavy training days, and I’m not as stiff and sore after a run. During these 5 marathon training cycles, I have taken 12 minutes off my marathon finish time, and 7 minutes off my half-marathon time. All in a period of 2 years. Because of these results, I start my Enduro Vo2 my first week of a new training cycle. I am hooked!! 

Levi Hawks: Ultra Trail Running Extraordinaire – Honestly 5 stars. I have used the product almost everyday for about close to two years now, besides one two week span that I stopped just so I could honestly see what the difference was. When I consistently take Enduro Vo2 I feel like I am more in control of my breathing and my recovery time from workout to workout is shorter, so I can run longer and train harder. I can honestly say this supplement has become part of my daily routine. I take four capsules a day in the morning along side my multivitamin before I start my run and it is pretty incredible the difference I feel while I am on my run, and about a week before any of my races i’ll bump up my dosage to about eight capsules a day, four in the morning and four at night. To get an extra edge leading up to the big day. It’s a perfect mix of these amazing ingredients, nothing too overpowering and nothing that really sits too heavy in my stomach. The two week span that I stopped taking Enduro I felt like I was running double the efforts for half the results and not to mention my energy and my bounce back from run to run was slow and labored. I’m not saying that this is a miracle pill that will fix all of your problems and make you run faster, but what I am saying is if used properly this product is a game changer that will give you that additional edge that as runners we are all searching for.

Diane Tracy , Multiple Ironman Wold Champsionship Qualifier – I used Enduro Ready during my last training block for Ironman Santa Rosa 2019. My experience was positive.  I had energy to nail my workouts.   I was able to put in all the hours required as they tamped up each week.  I built up my fitness and on race day toed the line at my fitness goal. I plan to use the product for my build training block going into Kona.  When I use the product there is no sensation that I feel after taking it.  I notice though I am recovered and ready for workouts.